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Mentally healthy workplaces

Access free expert mental health at work
coaching for your business.

Direct practical coaching

The NSW Government is providing each business up to four hours of free coaching by expert registered psychologists to help you become mentally healthy.

Assure Programs has partnered with the NSW Government to deliver this pilot initiative.

Coaching is available at a time that suits you, seven days a week from 7am to 7pm, and can be delivered online, over the phone or face-to-face.

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Our coaches will work with you on any topic you think could improve the mental health of workers, such as:

  • Strategies to manage work-related issues including bullying, stress or change
  • How to act early, communicate effectively and reduce mental health stigma
  • Flexibility, role clarity and setting expectations that can all improve workplace culture
  • How to lead change and involve others

Mentally healthy workplaces are safe and more productive, which is good for workers and good for business.

What’s the coaching process?

1. Register at mentalhealthatwork.nsw.gov.au.

2. One of our coaches will call you on the date and time that’s convenient for you.

3. Your first session can be used to explore the specific topics relevant to your workplace and plan how to use your four hours of coaching time.

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What can I expect from coaching?

  • Clear and practical advice by expert registered psychologists to address any mental health topics at work and prevention actions
  • Clarity on how to create a mentally healthy workplace
  • Access to tools and resources to create a mentally healthy workplace
  • Relevant referrals to other support services for the business or workers

Please note this program does not provide mental health counselling. If you or your workers require personalised counselling or support please contact a mental health support service.

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Who should I contact for enquiries?

Click here to send an email to Mentally Healthy Workplaces.